Climbing in the Age of Corona

In the age of the Corona Virus (COVID-19), a time where we are home the majority of our days, all bunkered up in confinement and social distancing, as the popular saying goes, we can find our reality slightly skewed. The amount of news and social media posts you see revolved around COVID-19 is absolutely phenomenal. There is so much information being passed around, uncertainty and not knowing exactly what to believe and how to act, it can all be slightly disconcerting. Unfortunately, I don't have the answers but if you want to keep in the Corona loop these are a few recent blogs and informative news resources which I felt hit all the right points and keeps me in positive spirits and well informed:  


Rock and Ice Magazine

QuaranTraining: Creative Climbing During Coronavirus

Is it ok to climb outside during the corona Virus Pandemic?
Climbing Gyms Close Across US Due to Coronavirus

The World Health Organization

A special agency of the United Nations responsible for International Health

Google News

Great for collecting and breaking news


The Cliffs Rock Climbing Gym, New York

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  Our hearts go out to all those who have lost loved ones or people going through particularly difficult times. We will get through this Global challenge together. And remember great people and companies have been forged under the constraints that life can bring. So let us be strong, proactive, organized, positive (which in turn builds your immunity) and we will crush this as a World Community, mark my words. Encourage unity, respectfulness, keep those hands washed and cough into your elbow. Refrain from touching your face, keep a safe distance from others and stay home if you can, reduce the curve... We’ve Got This!

Contributers: Thank you  @Tonnyvalenzuela for the awesome picture of you climbing in your kitchen, all geared up. Please send your #caronaclimbing pictures and videos to we'd love to see them and show you off via our social media to keep our climbing community, the adventurous and beyond feeling good during this tough time. Keep on crushing!