Who Are The Woman Climbers Crushing The Sport??

 If you thought climbing was a mans sport you are very much mistaken. My goodness women are an equal part of the climbing backbone and an incredible force when it comes to the sport.



 I remember back in 2016 at the Tri- State Bouldering competition, at the Cliffs climbing gym in Long island city, New York. The standard and expertise of these female climbers was absolutely phenomenal. What a scene! This was the first time I had been to a climbing competition and I was in absolute awe. If you haven’t been to a bouldering competition I highly recommend it, quite the spectacle, especially at the cliffs, a supportive screaming crowd, music blaring, I loved every minute. It was my first time I had been to an indoor bouldering competition where I was ridiculously close to the climbers, all for the price of my monthly gym membership (value added). I’m talking NBA floor views just without the seats, as the audience was either up standing or squished together on the blue gym crash matts. I actually filmed two of the climbers with my iphone for fun. These climbing juggernauts happened to be to of the hottest climbers in the game, professional climbers Alex Puccio and Ashima shiraishi both extremely well know in the climbing community. Their ability astounded me. After the competition, for fun I decided to combine Alex’s and Ashima’s climbs to compare their two styles. I was shocked after a day putting my footage on youtube it had 4,000 views and to this day has around 200,000. Check it out here. The community clearly appreciated seeing these two very different climbers battle it out and I am very happy to share this with you today. Alex was incredibly strong which was, and to this day is a huge driving factor in her climbing, whereas Ashima four years ago was a child-climbing prodigy in her early teens. Ashima was definitely slighter and had to be more creative in her technique. Now approaching 20 she continues to get stronger and stronger. I contacted Sonnie Trotter asking him to check out my low budget climbing video and he replied saying he had shown it to the kids he teaches climbing for them to learn about the different styles of climbing. If you haven’t heard of Sonnie he is a badass Canadian Pro Climber known for his strength in a number of climbing disciplines contributing to a plethora of first ascents around the world. Sorry Sonnie moving back to woman crushers, after all this is what the article is about.


 As qualifying for the Olympics was rudely interrupted by the pandemic known as COVID-19, AKA Corona virus there is still 5 more woman to qualify for next years Olympic games once the travel bad lightens up. Putting that a side we can still praise and provide you with a list of the 15 ladies who qualified. For an updated version of this list you can visit the International Federation of Sport Climbing. I probably shouldn't be biased but I definitely have a favorite, who's yours? That a side, I look forward to seeing all these athletes compete for their countries, each with their own unique styles and Skills...


  1. Janja Garnbret   – Slovenia
  2. Akiyo Noguchi   – Japan
  3. Shauna Coxey   – Great Britain
  4. Aleksandra Miroslaw  – Poland
  5. Miho Nonaka   – Japan
  6. Petra Klingler   – Switzerland
  7. Brooke Raboutou  – USA
  8. Jessica Pilz   – Austria
  9. Julia Chanourdie  – France  
  10. Mia Krampl   – Slovenia 
  11. Iuliia Kaplina   – Russia
  12. Kyra Condie   – USA
  13. Laura Rogora  – Italy
  14. YiLing Song  – China 
  15. Alannah Yip   Canada
  16. TBD (To be determined)
  17. TBD
  18. TBD
  19. TBD
  20. TBD


 Rememeber the sport of climbing is so subjective. We all have our own gauge of what a great climber is. Yes, those climbing at a high standard we can look up to and hold in great esteem as top performers, but remember, what you personally get out of climbing or spectating is so important and the perceieved value you individually get out of this amazing activity is tuly what it's all about. Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you soon. Keep crushing!